Pastel Payroll & HR

Sage Pastel Payroll provides a simple payroll and HR solution.

Sage Pastel Payroll will ensure that you process your payroll accurately and manage your people efficiently.
The Sage Pastel Payroll & HR software product suite has a range of optional modules designed to improve your business performance.

Key features

Be Efficient in your business

Manual payroll processing can take days whereas Sage Pastel Partner payroll automates many of the steps, ensuring that your payroll process is accurate and saving you plenty of time.

Get more than just software

In the first year of using software, you get full email and telephonic support so don’t need to go through a long steep learning curve.

Processing Power

From processing payments on a range of schedules, managing staff leave and gaining instant access to automatic updates, to customised payslips having instant access to automatic updates. Obtain all of this and additional modules for greater value.

Simple and customisable Payroll and HR software

Whether you a small business with a standard list of requirements or a large conglomerate with a sophisticated payroll and HR set-up. Sage Pastel Payroll will ensure you reap the rewards of an efficient and tax compliant payroll solution.