Product Training

We are accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority to offer non-credit bearing (non-academic) end-user courses, internal audit and risk management courses. Our courses are practical to assist an employee or self-employed to perform a new task. For example, the trainee begins to use Sage or SYSPRO software product or he or she works better as an internal auditor or risk manager.

Although our training has a defined methodology, our focus is to assist the trainee to start a new routine or a new way of doing things from the time the training finishes. We are able to tailor make training courses for a specific employer or for a specific designation or role. For example we can offer Tax Manager training. We are also able to coach entrepreneurs with our specific training or mentoring inventions. However these individualized training not in the areas of software or internal audit or risk management are not accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority. Our core purpose of training is to change the behaviour or work approach of the trainee after the training.

Our software end-user courses are prescribed by the software vendors. We buy the training material from the software vendors. We distribute these authentic materials to our trainees in compliance with the training agreements we have with Sage or SYSPRO. Our internal audit course are based on Practice Statements of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Florida USA. Our risk management courses are based on ISO 31000, COSO framework and materials published by the Institute of Risk Management UK.

Our trainees receive participation certificates which clearly specify the area of training and the dates of training. We are currently developing Learning Management System to offer training online. We enrich your training experience by supplementing webinars for the trainees to cover your specific employer circumstances.