Product Support

We are able to offer support services to suit to your business model. You may call us for support as and when needed or you may have a service level agreement (SLA) to cover support services. If you have an agreement you will pay a fixed monthly amount for support so that you are guaranteed of priority support. Support agreement will also define many support issues and the time taken to resolve the issues based on the nature of issues. For example support issues may arise from errors in settings, user errors, upgrade of software, reconciliation between two reports from the same source but from different data tables or queries, work-arounds, new routines to be incorporated, data errors, malfunction of software, etc. We offer support to the best of our ability and will invoke support from software vendors or those recommended by software vendors in the unlikely events where we are not able to support ourselves.

Sometimes third party products may not function properly when software upgrade happens. So it is advisable to run the upgrade in a test server and ensure if third party software products are functioning properly. On most occasions usually support is necessitated by unintentional user errors and we hand-hold the users to avoid the error in future. We identify gaps in training and we propose as part of our service contract to have specific training in place for specific users in specific areas. Usually training services are not covered by the support contract. Where reconciliations of accounting nature are involved, we seek permission from our clients to involve RSM Botswana who then attend to the accounting processes leading to reconciliations for bank or debtors or creditors or even between two tables, like for example, the schedule of debtors not matching with the general ledger control account of debtor. Sometimes data corruption happens because of unknown reasons but often attributed to power failure. We fix data from the backend after seeking your consent and acceptance to the process. There are occasions where we forward the data to the software vendors for fixing, after obtaining your consent.

Our delivery of support services are based on telephone calls and emails. We are currently developing an incident management system. All incidents are logged and progress report sent on a weekly basis to those clients who are on support contracts.