Product Implementation

It would be very easy but surely crude, unwise and unprofessional to set up a known accounting system and import your data and say that the implementation is complete. We do implementations differently and in fact in a unique way. First and foremost we both, meaning Businesoft Systems and the Clients, create a team, just as one team to take full care of implementation. We use a blended approach to perform implementation using the team’s joint knowledge about the software product on the one hand and client company’s business processes on the other hand. We use a project management approach recommended by the software vendor very strictly. We are meticulous in documenting discussions, customization, data integrity checks, training and many other events that happen in the course of implementation. The documentation is more than a diary because it denotes passing various stages in implementation with joint effort and consent.

Generally speaking we install the software to start with. After generic training, we confirm all your requirements and compare notes with the Needs Analysis performed at the start of the work. We then set up your system with sample data for you to accept the software application as users. The team performs user acceptance tests for each business process that involves the software application and seeks sign offs from the users. After importing of real data, we perform data integrity checks to make sure that all the data that were imported were correct by comparing various reporting between old and new systems. We perform specific and on-the-job user training during the go-live process.

While implementation is complete once you take over as users, we will always be there for you to assist you to use your software application properly. Post implementation you will depend on us for support and we cover this with a Service Level Agreement.

While implementation has certain prescribed stages, every implementation is unique in its own way, much like every business is unique in its own way. People differ, strategies differ, culture differs, processes differ and a good implementation process is designed to consider all these differences in a manner that does not question fundamental beliefs, strategies, policies and procedures of the clients. Our Managing Director is ultimately responsible for the successful delivery of the implementation services although the powers are delegated to the Implementation Consultant, Project Manager, Implementation Executive, support team, etc. without the involvement of the Managing Director. You can be assured that although you may not see the Managing Director during the implementation process, she is always involved with the implementation team and is surely watching the progress that happens through our internal management processes.

We don’t undertake implementations that we cannot perform. Sometime we get into situations where clients take a long time to have a buy-in. We report this phenomenon to the Project Management team and participate in change management processes to gain acceptance of the software application before proceeding with the implementation. After all implementation is a happy and a pleasant experience for us and for the clients.